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Ciran organises cultural treks through Iran.
Ciran is your Iran specialist.


Do you want to go on an extraordinary trip?
Are you seeking new business opportunities?

Then travel to Iran!
Do business in Iran!

And let Ciran assist you in doing so!

For over twenty years, we have specialized in travel to, and doing business in, Iran.
Contact Ciran for personal service, expert travel advice or just thorough inside knowledge.
Ciran makes the impossible possible!

“We enjoy opening doors to you that remain closed to others!”

Neda Kazemi

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We offer:

Cultural treks

Key elements are nature and culture. Special, authentic travel tours through Iran.

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Business in Iran

We are specialized in operational support for you and your company on the Iranian market.

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Authentic and exotic products from Iran.


Luxury Travel. Authentic Escapes.

We offer Iran as a MICE destination promoting high-end travel to Iran.

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Contact us!

Neda Kazemi can be contacted on: +61 405 090 212

Janet Egberts: mobile +31 621 555 649

Or contact us per email at: ciran.always@gmail.com